Code of Conduct for Students in General 1. Students are governed by this code of conduct from the time they join the College till they finally leave at the end of the course. 2. All the students will strictly adhere to this code of conduct faithfully and thus maintain a very high standard of behaviour and conduct in this college.

Special attention will be paid to the following :- a) Students will be neatly and cleanly dressed and groomed and should take pride in their personal appearance ; b) They will be polite and courteous in their relationship with other students and the teaching and non – teaching staff of the College.

Means of Communication Teaching in the classroom and all other official business will be conducted in English. Notices, Circulars, Announcements, Special addresses, etc for both academic and non–academic purposes will be done in English. The same will be used as a medium for accomplishing all theoretical and practical requirements of the Course.

Leave No leave of any kind is officially permissible during the entire Course. Under the unavoidable circumstances of sickness, bereavement in the immediate family or other such urgent business, due information and application may be given to the Principal who may take such action as deemed necessary.

Attendance 75% of attendance in theoretical and practical classes is the minimum requirement as eligibility for sitting in the final examination. Participation in all co–curricular and other extension activities will be accounted for in the attendance register separately maintained.

Miscellaneous : Defacing College property : Defacing / writing on walls, desks, chairs and other items of College furniture or destroying them will carry a fine in cash from the guilty student equivalent to the loss of property.

Cleanliness of the College Campus : This is the responsibility of all students. Classrooms and surrounding areas will be kept neat and clean.Prohibition of obnoxious habits : Smoking, drinking alcohol, use of drugs, gambling, keeping offensive items like pictures, magazines, discs etc are strictly prohibited and punishable by expulsion.

Using unfair means in Tests and Examinations : Cheating and using unfair means in Tests and Examinations will result in expulsion.

Grievances : All complaints and grievances will be addressed and directed, through appropriate channels, to the concerned cell or committee which will handle the case according to its discretion. For such purposes, a “Complaint Committee” for cases of sexual harassment and a “Grievances Redressal Cell” for redressal of general complaints and grievances have been constituted in the College.

Use of Mobile Phones during Class – hours : Use of mobile phones for making calls or receiving and sending messages during class is strictly prohibited. All hand sets should be kept in the switch – off mode when classes are in progress.

Identity Cards : Each student will keep with him/her an Identity Card prep ared and disbursed by the College which may be produced at any time of requirement.

Selection of Specialization and Additional Specialization Subjects :Selection of optional subjects coming under these categories are done at the time of filling up the form before the session begins. Any change in the initial choice/selection of subjects which students desire to make will be done so before the last day of February after which no change will be entertained.

Ineligibility for Final University Examination : In case of failure by a student to attain the minimum mark requirement out of a total of 20/10 marks under the Internal Assessment Category, he/she will be considered ‘not fit’ for the Final University Examination and will therefore be obliged to discontinue with the Course. A student will also be debarred from appearing for the theory written examination upon failure to clear the practical examination.

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